Herbs beginning with “D”

by Ravemore

Daffodil – Love, Fertility, Luck.

Daisy – Lust, Luck. Decorate the house with daisies at Midsummer’s Eve to bring happiness to the home and to obtain the blessings of faeries. Daisies are also worn at Midsummer for luck and blessings. In the old times, young maidens would weave and wear daisy chains in their hair to attract their beloved.

Damiana – Lust, Love, Visions.

Dandelion – Divination, Wishes, Calling Spirits. The ground root can act as a coffee substitute, and the flowers make a lovely wine. A superb cleansing tonic, and the milky juice is a diuretic, a tonic, and a relief for common stomach problems. Use a handful of flower tops to 1 pint of boiling water, steep 10 minutes and strain. Drink this several times a day. Use the milky latex from the stem , rub on a wart several times daily and soon its gone. Also good for night blindness.

Deerstongue – Lust, Psychic Powers.

Dill – Protection, Money, Lust, Luck. Useful in love charms. May also be hung in children’s rooms to protect them from evil spirits and protect against bad dreams.

Dock – Healing, Fertility, Money.

Dogbane – Use the flowers in magical love mixtures.

Dogwood – Wishes, Protection. Keeps writings and meetings secret, therefore is an excellent herb for the Book of Shadows. An oil of the flowers is priceless in sealing letters and keeping unintended eyes from secret writings. Powdered flowers and dried bark may be used as incense. Place the sap of the dogwood onto a handkerchief on Midsummer Eve. This will grant any wish you have as long as you carry it faithfully. Dogwood leaves or wood can be placed in protective amulets.

Dragon’s Blood – Love, Protection, Exorcism, Potency. Used in homemade magical inks. Burn the resin to entice errant lovers to return. A stick placed under the pillow will cure impotency. A powerful protector when sprinkled around the house or burned as incense. A pinch added to other incense will increase their potency.

Dulse – Lust, Harmony.

Dutchman’s Britches – Love.