Herbs beginning with “Y”

by Ravemore

Yarrow – Courage, love, marriage charms, dispelling negativity, psychic abilities, divination. A very potent healer, it intensifies the medicinal action of other herbs taken with it. Helps eliminate toxins (good for colds). Most useful in its abilities to staunch blood flow. In poultice form , it is useful against infections and swelling. In magic there is evidence that yarrow was often used as a component in incantations. The tea drunk prior to divination will enhance one’s powers of perception (a touch of peppermint brightens this brew up and always works better). Also drink the tea to stop arthritis symptoms such as swelling and inflammation associated with weather divination and generally end all aching, sore muscles, or stiff joints or back pain. A powerful incense additive for divination and love spells.

Yellow Evening Primrose – Hunting.

Yerba Mate – Fidelity, Love, Lust.

Yerba Santa – Beauty, Healing, Psychic Powers, Protection.

Yucca – Transmutation, Protection, Purification.