Powders and Dusts

by Ravemore

Powders and dusts are called for in various spells and charms. The following is a description of ones I use.

Soot: Soot is a good conductor of magical energy. It is said that a bowl of appropriately consecrated soot placed in your bedroom will absorb any curses seeking you. Soot can also be made into a paint or ink and used to paint protective symbols on structures and other surfaces. On the other hand a curse will be all the more affective if the person sending it can obtain soot from the chimney of the hearth of the victim. It is said that in the past that those sending a curse would fly a kite over the chimney of their intended victim to gather this soot.  
Cross Road Earth: Earth gathered at the cross roads is used in many spells and rituals, the casting of the Ritual Circle being foremost. It is a mixture of earth gathered from a place where four roads meet. 
Grave Soil: Dirt collected from within the confines of a graveyard. It is used in certain rites, either to cast curses or to bring fertility to land.   
Love Powder: A mixture of Orrisroot, red rose petals, and sugar ground fine. This sweet and sticky powder is a common ingredient in love spells.  
Charm Ash: After making and then charging talismans they can be burnt and then the ash scattered were the result is required.   

Crow Ash: Crows are emissaries of the spirit world and their ash is sometimes used in rites where strong spirit contact is needed. On the night of a full moon a small fire is made without flint or iron and on it are burnt the corpses of crows. The fire should only be just big enough to burn them to ash. Once the fire has cooled sieve the ash and put in a jar. The same process can be used to make ash from other types of animals for specific magical workings.
Bone Ash: Made in much the same way as Crow Ash. It is used to mark out magic signs upon the earth during some rites and in necromancy.