Beltain Rite

-Cast the Ritual Circle.

-Perform The Sacrament.


Kneeling or standing before the altar say:

On this dark night we celebrate fertility and the planting of the fields. The power of our Great Lord Lugh pulses forth from the sky, warming the land. The womb of Danu becomes full, promising life and plenty. On this night love and the erotic mysteries preside over all.  The Horned One, Goat God of the witches whispers secrets and wisdom into the ears of those willing to listen and his presence is keenly felt on this night. The Maiden Bridgit throws back her head screaming in ecstasy as the phallus brings her pleasure. The Crone Morrígan waits patiently for the cycle to complete, continuing her task of measuring and cutting the threads of fate.

Opening Invocation

Kneeling or standing before the altar say:

Horned God of the Witches, Great Cernunnos,
I utter your name into the darkness.
Giver of knowledge, Goat God of the witches, I invoke thee,
By standing stone, and twisted tree.
By fiery flame and starlight pale,
In shadowy hosts that ride the gale.
By moonlit meadow and dusky hill,
When haunted wood is hushed and still.
Come to the tone of chanted prayer,
As the moon bewitches the midnight air.
Come to us from dark depths below,
When the pale white moon is climbing slow. (1)

– Prayers and invocations can be offered to the individual Gods and Goddesses at this time.


Offer a sacrifice of spring flowers and bones to The Gods, laying them upon a plate on the altar. Other offerings can also be made if desired. After the circle is opened, the sacrifice can be burned in the bonfire or buried beneath a tree.