On Action or Belief…

by Ravemore

I read the other day an argument being made that witchcraft is more a religion of action versus one of belief.


I’ll say it again… Garbage.

Any religion that does not compose both is hollow, and the religion of witchcraft is rich and full of substance if you are willing to put a little work into it. I understand fully the impetus behind his argument. Nearly all of what you can find on the Internet and through book sources is a mishmash of polytheistic religions mixed together with a sprinkle of spells and rituals dribbled over the top to tie it together. Where is the coherent mythology? Where are the teachings? Where is the fulfillment many are looking for? My answer for you is that you have to find the pieces of your world-view and put together the jigsaw puzzle yourself. A couple of web pages and self-help books will leave you wanting more and feeling empty in the end. Remember though… some of your puzzle pieces may be hidden in them.