On Lesser Powers

by Ravemore

You will see many references to “Lesser Powers” in this collection of works. The term is used to describe those entities that are less than gods, but more than mortal man. Demons, devils, fey, demigods, spirits, angelic beings, etc. are all prime examples. I will make no illusions, or beat around the bush. Some are good and helpful, and some are evil and will not hesitate to do you harm. Many can be summoned, bound, and made to serve. Some can be bartered with. Some can be pleaded with. Some will ignore you and have nothing to do with you. Any interaction you have with them can be uncertain. With that being said, my Left Hand Path finds nothing wrong with any of the aforementioned activities. The decision is purely a personal one.

I will tag any reference to entities in this category as a “Lesser Power” to enable ease of research…