On Death

by Ravemore

When death comes, awareness expands and the laws of our physical world no longer apply. The soul parts from its husk and will feel the pull of Morrigan’s cauldron deep in the underworld, beckoning for it to begin the long journey on The Low Road, the highway upon which all souls must travel to reach her realm. Sometimes though, unfinished business, or strong attachments to loved ones and places, or extreme hatred can compel a soul to remain for a time. If not bound to our world by one of these things, the soul will walk The Low Road for nine nights, watched over by Cernunnos until it reaches the gates of The Underworld and the embrace of Morrigan. Caution must be exercised though while on this journey, for to stray from the way presents many dangers. The shadowy byways and side paths are often frequented by Lesser Powers, some of which are entities with naught but malevolence and evil intent.  To stray represents a very real risk… and great peril to the unfortunate soul who does not stay upon the path.

In The Underworld, the cauldron waits patiently, a crucible containing all that was, and all that will be. The womb of existence. In time all mortal creatures must return to it. The soul must then make a choice, and sometimes this choice is easy and quick, yet for others it can be difficult and lengthy. The soul can enter the cauldron and wash away their previous life, the memories, the pain, and allow their rebirth to take place somewhere on our surface world… to live again and experience existence anew. Or the soul can choose to transcend into godhood, if it has gained the knowledge, captured the light, and learned the mysteries that the Great Goat God had whispered to them in life. He provided the spark, which we have the power to blow into a bright cinder and fan into a black flame.