The Sluagh

by Ravemore

The Sluagh in Irish and Scottish myth are the spirits of the restless dead, a host of evil vagabond spirits roaming the land in the form of a flock of black birds. They are the ghosts of evil men and women self-bound to the surface world, intent on causing sorrow and despair. They are most often seen flying from the west, and they seem drawn to households where the dying are taking their last breaths. Legends state they come to take possession of the souls of the dying before they can set foot on The Low Road, therefore it is common to find windows on the western sides of a home being shut and barred when there is an individual on their death bed. The Sluagh carry their unfortunate victims with them, often for ages, torturing them and dispensing all manner of misery… until they can make an escape or The Host tires of them and releases them to find their way belatedly to The Low Road.

So, when you see that cloud of black birds in the distance and their shrill cries make the hair on the back of your neck stand on-end, and the goose flesh crawl up your arms… be cautious. It may not be a flock of birds.