Fetishes… Not the Yummy Sexy Ones.

by Ravemore

A “Fetish” is a receptacle crafted for the purpose of storing energy or power that will be put to some specific purpose at a later time. Some arcane workings can require more energy than a single witch can muster, either because the practitioner is inexperienced, or the scope of the rite is simply too great for one witch alone to maintain. These greater rituals or spell castings will either require the assistance of other witches working in concert, the aid of Lesser Powers, or the tapping of energy reserves stored in a Fetish. Fetishes allow witches to extend themselves further and direct more power with their will.

When constructing a Fetish, it should be noted that the form it takes can vary immensely from witch to witch. It should incorporate a piece of you as a practitioner… and the path you walk. It is equally beneficial to create one that has a form conducive to the working. This adds to the ambiance and assists with visualization. Materials used are mostly unimportant, but there should be an integration of a gem stone or crystal relevant to the type of power one wishes to store in it. Crystals are amazing conductors of energy and frequency… in essence magic. A Fetish can be of any size, but should usually be portable and easily destroyed or hidden. Powerful covens are said to maintain permanent Fetishes within the Covenstead… containing deep reservoirs of energy. Caution should be exercised though with such permanent fixtures… If the inquisitor ever walks again with impunity and a nod from society, the stake can again become a reality. My favorite Fetish takes the form of a raven’s skull containing polished quartz crystals in the eye sockets. An activation rune should be inscribed on the Fetish, and the witch should also employ a simple spell to release and use the energy.

To Empower a Fetish, or charge it, a proper Ritual Circle should be cast first. The rite used for this empowering process is extremely simple. It is a meditation in which the witch feeds the Fetish power through a focused projection of the will combined with visualization. The longer the process continues, the more energy will be infused into the Fetish. It can be drawn from within the witch, from the surrounding earth, plants, animals, or even flame.

A Fetish can also be put to more diabolical uses. With the proper spells and curses they can be put near an enemy’s abode and used to siphon energy, cause sickness, and eventually even death. They can even be used as containments or prisons for Lesser Powers and the spirits of the dead who have self-bound to our world. A future post will deal with the processes and the dangers related to these alternate uses.