by Ravemore

Agares is a great Fomori Lord, and hails from the eastern branches of the Great Oak. He is in service to Bael and commands 31 legions of his brethren. This demon is exceptionally willing to answer a summoning. Although he usually appears as an older human male, he is very feminine, some even argue seductive… more than capable of coaxing an erection by innuendos, double talk, and body language. He has also been known to appear in female form. He is usually depicted as an old man carrying a hawk on his fist while riding a great crocodile. Be wary of the hawk, as it is a demon that hungers for the human soul, and the crocodile is a great consumer of flesh, sinew, and blood.

Agares has the power to destroy dignities, both temporal and supernatural. Love, respect, and veneration being but a few of the temporal dignities he can extinguish, thereby strangling the good and wisdom they are capable of giving birth to. Supernatural dignities are developed through the participation by a lower being in the natural perfection of one that is higher, arguably Faith being one that is a primary target of this demon… if he is so inclined. He has the power to make one who runs away to return, and one who seeks to escape to fail in their attempt. He can instill such feelings of fear and dread in one who is strong of heart and stout of soul that they can do naught but run if he so commands it. He teaches languages, causes earthquakes, and finds great pleasure in providing knowledge of carnal and immoral deeds, actions, and thoughts.

Exercise caution with this demon if you are not strong of will, or suffer from depression or bi-polar disorder… as it is whispered that he has a fondness for convincing those who summon him to commit suicide. (24, 25)

Seal of Agares

Seal of Agares