I offer you a cup…

by Ravemore

“The quest for balance is an excuse to play on the shadowy edge of Darkness.”

-Tsepha Eshai

Ah, yes… so beautifully and poignantly stated. An excuse to take a sip from a forbidden cup we of the Left Hand regularly quaff. An excuse to dabble… and still be able to claim the “mantle of gray.” To truly seek a state of balance or equilibrium is nothing more than a quest for stagnation and decay.

We adherents of the dark winding ways, where the whispers of the Goat God can be heard, should not be too quick to cast a stone though. A sip gives an opportunity to taste, and a taste gives rise to developing a fondness, and a fondness can lead to an addiction… and none can argue with the power of an addiction. Whenever I hear dogma from those who claim to be “Gray” or “Seeking Balance”, it always makes me chuckle a little. I know that someday I may be welcoming them into the fold… if they have courage and develop an addiction for Darkness.