Departed into the Mists…

by Ravemore

Quite some time ago, a gentleman by the name of Eric Jeffords at the WordPress Blog “By Blood and Bone, By Staff and Stone” posted the following piece forwarded to him by a friend. His entire Blog was compelling and interesting. I often found myself there grazing on his thoughts. Inexplicably though, one day he posted what could be characterized as a retraction of his entire philosophy and belief in witchcraft… an intent to cast all of it aside. Sometimes I wonder what befell him… what caused such a radical change. Did he convert or return to the embrace of Christianity? Did he have a life altering event that changed his ontological views irrevocably? None know probably except for him and those he holds close…

As I often do though, I will copy and paste interesting pieces I harvest from my rabbit-holing into a document  where I go to find inspiration for writing or food for thought. It’s hovering at about 63 pages long these days. Luckily I grabbed this snippet and it was not lost to the ether… His Blog has been taken down and he has departed into the mists, which is truly a loss.

“To Hell with their father, hiding in heaven

 I spit on every letter of his name.

 His Kingdom is ashes.

 His will is bile,

 as it rises in my throat.

 I have worked in the fields to earn my bread,

 and need no forgiveness, but from him that I’ve wronged.

 And to hell with him that wronged me.

 I’ll take all my temptation,

 And judge my own what’s Evil.

 For this is the kingdom of the Old-Horn,

 And the Goatfoot, and the One-eyed,

 forever, and ever.



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