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Month: February, 2014

Within the Heart…

From an interesting source…

“Yea, in heart we work iniquity; measure out in the earth the violence of our hands.

Malevolent and estranged from the womb; orators of lies from birth gone to and fro.

Our venom is like the venom of a serpent; we are like the deaf asp which stoppeth her ear;

Which hearkeneth not to the voice of magi, or the most cunning binder of spells.

Niknikin stoic, brandish the rod which showers coals and fire. A serpent’s eyes,

claws of shole, culters nam ungues, no worldly name honors Niknikin.

Eyes as deep chalice, hands of lead, your grip unforgiving as the sickle amid harvest.

Niknikin your justice true, eyes darkened mendicant, hair an obsidian silk.

May all devout fathom the face of evil.”

– Ad Astra Perversum (26)


Paimon is a great Fomori King. He is more deferential to the great Goat God of the Witches than other Fomori Kings. His estate and domain lie in a northwestern branch of the Great Oak, and your thaumaturgic circle should point in that direction when summoning him forth. He commands 200 legions of his brethren. This Demon has been worshiped as a god by many ancient peoples, and he expects nothing less from those who are intrepid enough to conjure him forth. He is said to be one of the better tempered demons to deal with. Paimon has a great voice and roars in a deafening cacophony when he first appears, and will continue in this manner until the conjurer compels him to do otherwise. He will then answer clearly any questions he is asked… whether truthful or deceitful is another matter though. Paimon usually appears in the form of a man with a feminine face and figure. He wears a crown encrusted with gems and precious metals, and often appears while riding a black dromedary, also known as a camel. Paimon is usually accompanied by a host of other demons, some sources quoting 25 legions… a potentially deadly situation. He has also been known to appear with two other great Fomori Kings that serve him, Labal and Abali. These two Demon Kings have no known seals.

Paimon’s summoning requires that some offering or sacrifice must be performed. Something of high value must be given up if something of high value is to be obtained. A key interaction with this demon also requires the conjurer to answer truthfully a question asked by Paimon in order to obtain the same from him. The answer to this question will often determine if the conjurer is worthy of this demon’s attention. Paimon teaches all arts, philosophy, sciences, and secret things. He can reveal all mysteries of the Great Oak, wind, water, what the mind is, and everything the conjurer wants to know. He provides good familiars when requested. He can also bind mortal men to the conjurer’s will, an often sought out service. (24)

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