Within the Heart…

by Ravemore

From an interesting source…

“Yea, in heart we work iniquity; measure out in the earth the violence of our hands.

Malevolent and estranged from the womb; orators of lies from birth gone to and fro.

Our venom is like the venom of a serpent; we are like the deaf asp which stoppeth her ear;

Which hearkeneth not to the voice of magi, or the most cunning binder of spells.

Niknikin stoic, brandish the rod which showers coals and fire. A serpent’s eyes,

claws of shole, culters nam ungues, no worldly name honors Niknikin.

Eyes as deep chalice, hands of lead, your grip unforgiving as the sickle amid harvest.

Niknikin your justice true, eyes darkened mendicant, hair an obsidian silk.

May all devout fathom the face of evil.”

– Ad Astra Perversum (26)