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Month: March, 2014

A Prayer

mxkgz ruxj bgyygmu
o hkykkin znkk; mxgtz zne yomnz zu zne bgyygr,
utk cuxzne zu yvxkgj zne cuxj gtj zne corr.
hruuj o mobk znkk,
uvkt se keky zu cngz oy nojjkt; mobk sk znk yzxktmzn zu lotj znuyk cnu ykkq uax rklz ngtj vgzn, zu ksvuckx znks zu zxare ykk.
uvkt se nkgxz zu xkikobk gtj otzkxvxkz zne ykixkzy.
varr juct znk bkor zngz znk romnz sge hk ykkt.
yu suzk oz hk.


Speak little, listen much… A trait many who walk our winding ways rarely have the gift for. Clarity of immense proportion can be gleaned from silence. To capture brief glimpses of The Light from The Darkness we should suppress and avoid the urge to speak as authorities, to preach to the masses, to profess a true path or right way. When asked, state what you believe… do not seek to convert. Share with no expectation of reward or quid pro quo. Teach if you find one worthy, but do not do so with pride and hubris. The path of the missionary is not of The Left Hand Path, and those who act in that capacity are often charlatans. The greatest teacher one can find is simply the silence around us. Silence is a whetstone…

“..The apprentice must learn how to be confident in silence, and learn the hidden secrets in the madness of the quiet. When he no longer fights the need to fill it, he can think clearly. He can plan and apply proper strategy to any situation, and he can hear his own heart. Noise is merely distraction. It traps us into complacency so that we can ignore our heart and live in the dumb and deaf world that most are contented with…”


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