by Ravemore

The Darkness surrounds us, wraps us in soft tendrils, and hides us from our enemies and the ignorant. It protects us…, but sometimes it is a very lonely place.

There have been times when I have sat at the edge of the abyss, staring into the depths of a chasm with no bottom and wondered why I am here. Wondered what I am doing in this world and what fate I am bound to follow, bend, or break. Wondered why I have to trudge through this world filled with sheep and simpletons, playing the game, pretending to conform. I have considered taking a step into its yawning mouth to become one with the infinite. Each time though I have ground my teeth and pulled myself from the lip of the precipice and grasped upon The Darkness, stretching forth to kiss it, to taste it. I break the chains that hold me from my desires and immobilize me in despair… and then there is affirmation. It is because I am a hunter, a shard of darkness, a son of The Goat God, and a child of the Great Goddess. I am more than most. It is usually then that I see the glimmer of wicked light in the depths of the pit of self-loathing and crushing despair… a Black Flame that pulses and flares to the beat of my heart. I remember who and what I am and become stronger.

Why is it so easy to forget, over and over again?