Tis the Season

by Ravemore

Two Esbats before the Great Feast of Samhain… I’m almost giddy. It seems every year I begin looking forward to this Hallowed Night with eager anticipation, and it becomes more intense as I get older… Perhaps the Low Road becoming closer and clearer in the distance as I pass through my middle years? The crisp cool nights.. almost cold. The smell of the balefire and candles. Spirts flitting in the black shadows of night. The Old Gods here with a more tangible presence. Soon my Lord Lugh will arrive in the Underworld… greeted by The Crone and guided into The Cauldron of Rebirth. 

The Holidays are so very important to our religion… all religions really. In these modern times they are taken for granted. The Sabbats and Esbats are the mortar that holds together our symbolic temples. They provide the structure and meaning that makes our beliefs more than just casting spells and weaving arcane enchantments. Ritual is a tool by which we are able to delve into the mysteries… experience them, not just read about them and say “yes I believe.”