Craft Laws

Our world seems to have very few rules, but after a while you start to understand that it has many far more subtle rules. If you know and understand the more subtle rules of the world then you will not only be able to make changes in it by working magic, but also know better what affect these works will have, and know the best way in which these acts can be done.

Everything has spirit

The foolish believe without question, the wise observe.

Like influences like.

Will controls action.

The stronger will controls the weaker will.

A symbolic act is a real act.

Repetition brings strength.

The breath can convey power.

Not all that is, is seen.

Not all that is seen is real.

Everything has a name, know that name and you have power over it.

Mirrors are gateways to other worlds.

Distance hinders neither our will, nor our vision.

Suggestion has force.

The parts equal the whole.

The eye has the power to change what it sees.

Resonance, words, and rhythm carry will.

Some boundaries protect, others imprison.

Some beings will do your bidding… Most can be made to!

You see different things with different eyes.

All movement in nature is a message.

The dead play their part in this world and theirs.

Enter the Underworld and return transformed.

The bones of this land are not speechless.

Surrender the things of youth without sorrow, for age shall bring deeper wisdom and greater understanding. (2)