The Gods and Goddesses are the powers that bind the worlds together. They are the conduit through which we channel power for spells and rituals. They are a sentient embodiment of universal energy. They take on forms by which we can understand and communicate with them. They are both manipulators and caretakers of fate. The greater powers are truly deities in all meaning of the word… omnipotent, eternal, worshiped and regarded as objects of devotion by the faithful.

In My Left Hand Path you will immediately notice that there are Goddesses corresponding to Mother, Maiden, and Crone but it must also be noted they are not all the same Goddess. They are entirely separate figures and each a Greater Power in their own right.

I revere all of the Great Goddesses and Gods. There are several that I have devoted particular attention to and have built most of my rituals and worship around. This does not mean I view those I may mention only in passing in any less regard. Celtic mythology is a “stew” for lack of better words. The Deities and local ancestor gods of the early Iberians, Milesians, and Celts are likened to a giant ball of fishing line tangled and knotted beyond comprehension. In the Ulster Cycle, Cycles of the Kings, Mythological Cycle, and a myriad of local legends and fairy tales the origins, lineages, stories, and even the names of these great beings often conflict. Posts that contradict my writings will be deleted as what I write is what I have constructed and believe. I have found in my studies that there is a counter argument and source that can be quoted for nearly every conceivable construction. Attempting to debate and argue a true Celtic mythology is a waste of effort and energy as it is an impossible task.

The lesser powers have not as much ability to manipulate the strings of fate, but can have significant influence within limited areas or spheres. Some of these have been known as demons, guardian spirits, lares, devils, angels…they go by more names and wear more faces than can be counted. I will have many writings available that revolve around them.

The Gods give…and the Gods take. It is a universal truth. Sometimes they are kind and peaceful, sometimes cruel and seemingly indifferent. They embody duality. Their true origins are a mystery, and their relationship to man is often cloaked in ambiguity.