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Month: September, 2013


Valefor is a great Fomori Lord. Other names he has been known by are Malaphar, Malephar, Valafar, and Valefar. This demon initially appears in the form of a lion with the head of a man, or a lion with the head of an ass, but when compelled to take on an appearance more conducive to negotiating a pact, he will comply. Like most demons, he is not bound to one physical form. He commands 10 legions of his brethren. He is a patron of thieves and is often called upon to assist in the successful execution of thefts. He is a master of temptation… using greed, avarice, and pride to great effect. He is an incarnation of materialism. He tests the abilities of a thief… pushing boundaries, sharpening skills… both the mental and the physical.

Unlike most demons of the Ars Goetia, this demon can be persuaded to stay with the conjurer for a period of time, assisting in the planning and execution of thefts that are worthy of his name and stature. Use great caution though, as there have been whispered rumors among thieves that he has been known to convince a conjurer to steal items with his assistance that are actually property the demon himself wishes to obtain, and those poor souls have been abandoned to authorities to take the fall, and often ended up hanging from the gallows or languishing in prison. He takes a perverse enjoyment from this. (24)

Seal of Valefor

Seal of Valefor


Marbas is a great Fomori Lord, also known as Barbas. This demon initially appears in the form of a great lion, but when compelled to take on an appearance more conducive to negotiating a pact, he will change into the form of a man. There is no specific race, gender, or description used more often than another on record. He commands 36 legions of his brethren. He will disclose, or direct his subordinates to seek out and disclose, the secrets of another or the location of that which is hidden. Be cautioned… although he is bound to answer truthfully, his servants are not. His touch and his breath can bring disease, and he is able to cure the same. This demon is often sought out to be a patron for those engaged in the mechanical and engineering professions. The technical wisdom he can impart to those in these fields is vast. He frowns upon those with little or no technical knowledge, and can be more difficult to negotiate with for those without the base prerequisite skills. He is also partial to those who earn a living with handcrafts.

Marbas also has the power to change mortal men into other shapes. Ensure that any pact asking for this benefit also contains a clause requiring him to change you back… otherwise an animal form may be the last one you inhabit before your feet touch the Low Road and you begin your journey back to the cauldron. If you are seeking the gift of lycanthropy, you would be better served with an appropriate ritual. Asking for the aid of this demon would not hurt though. Many who have set their feet upon that path carry his mark. (24)

Seal of Marbas

Seal of Marbas

I offer you a cup…

“The quest for balance is an excuse to play on the shadowy edge of Darkness.”

-Tsepha Eshai

Ah, yes… so beautifully and poignantly stated. An excuse to take a sip from a forbidden cup we of the Left Hand regularly quaff. An excuse to dabble… and still be able to claim the “mantle of gray.” To truly seek a state of balance or equilibrium is nothing more than a quest for stagnation and decay.

We adherents of the dark winding ways, where the whispers of the Goat God can be heard, should not be too quick to cast a stone though. A sip gives an opportunity to taste, and a taste gives rise to developing a fondness, and a fondness can lead to an addiction… and none can argue with the power of an addiction. Whenever I hear dogma from those who claim to be “Gray” or “Seeking Balance”, it always makes me chuckle a little. I know that someday I may be welcoming them into the fold… if they have courage and develop an addiction for Darkness.


Samigina is a great Fomori Lord, and also one that will respond favorably to a daytime conjuring. Other names this demon has been known to answer to include Gamygin and Gamigm. He commands 30 legions of his brethren. Like many of his kind, he is prone to taking multiple shapes when appearing to mortal man. Some even say his true form is female in gender. He often appears initially as a small horse, and when compelled by the conjurer will take upon a new form better conducive to interaction, the most common of which is that of a small, gruff, wizened man. It is said that he speaks with a hoarse voice, likened to gravel scraping upon stone. He can be bound to teach languages, literature, history, philosophy, mathematics, and science. In fact, many present and past great minds, and fathers of invention owed debts to Samigina for knowledge gained.

The assistance and power that this demon is most often sought out for is necromantic in nature. He has the power to command the souls of those who have died in sin, or drowned at sea, to manifest in incorporeal form to answer to interrogatories at the conjurer’s whim. He has no power over others. The definition of what constitutes “sin” is open for debate. I suppose if he hauls your spirit from the Low Road, or the Underworld… you’ll know for sure. He is also said to stay with the conjurer until he, or she, is satisfied. (24)

Seal of Samigina

Seal of Samigina


Vassago is a great Fomori Prince. He is not in service to another Demon King, but his counsel is often sought out by his own kind. He commands 26 legions of his brethren. Vassago is one of the less dangerous demons of the Ars Goetia to interact with… yet one should always exercise caution. He most often appears as a man, but his eye sockets are empty, containing orbs of utter darkness. He has also been known to appear as a blood-red serpentine dragon, or as a diminutive red scaled devil with cloven hooves and a forked tail. His sight pierces into all branches of the Great Oak, and he has a keen ability to see into the future and divine possibilities… tangents of past and present time. He is known for explaining his visions in minute detail, and does not often cloak what he sees in allegory or metaphor. He has the power to make what is hidden visible, both the physical and otherwise. He can also find what is lost. He is often called the “Prince of Prophecy” among those who transact with demon-kind. Vassago is often invoked to discover the most deep and dark secrets of women.

Vassago is a prime demon to summon for assistance with scrying and other forms of divination. The power he can channel into these endeavors is boundless. Remember though, the truth can hurt… beware what you ask this demon to reveal to you. He revels in causing pain, hate, and distress with the simple truth of a matter. If you dread the answer… don’t ask. (24)

Seal of Vassago

Seal of Vassago


Agares is a great Fomori Lord, and hails from the eastern branches of the Great Oak. He is in service to Bael and commands 31 legions of his brethren. This demon is exceptionally willing to answer a summoning. Although he usually appears as an older human male, he is very feminine, some even argue seductive… more than capable of coaxing an erection by innuendos, double talk, and body language. He has also been known to appear in female form. He is usually depicted as an old man carrying a hawk on his fist while riding a great crocodile. Be wary of the hawk, as it is a demon that hungers for the human soul, and the crocodile is a great consumer of flesh, sinew, and blood.

Agares has the power to destroy dignities, both temporal and supernatural. Love, respect, and veneration being but a few of the temporal dignities he can extinguish, thereby strangling the good and wisdom they are capable of giving birth to. Supernatural dignities are developed through the participation by a lower being in the natural perfection of one that is higher, arguably Faith being one that is a primary target of this demon… if he is so inclined. He has the power to make one who runs away to return, and one who seeks to escape to fail in their attempt. He can instill such feelings of fear and dread in one who is strong of heart and stout of soul that they can do naught but run if he so commands it. He teaches languages, causes earthquakes, and finds great pleasure in providing knowledge of carnal and immoral deeds, actions, and thoughts.

Exercise caution with this demon if you are not strong of will, or suffer from depression or bi-polar disorder… as it is whispered that he has a fondness for convincing those who summon him to commit suicide. (24, 25)

Seal of Agares

Seal of Agares


Bael is a great Fomori King. His estate and domain lie in an eastern branch of the Great Oak, and your thaumaturgic circle should point in that direction when summoning him forth. He commands 66 legions of his brethren. He often appears in the form of a man, cat, toad, or any combinations thereof. His voice is loud and rough, but articulate, intelligent, and well versed. To spread his name and influence holds much value to him. His power waxes strong in the fall. He teaches the art of invisibility when asked, can make one wise, satisfies all cravings, and can convey special powers with a handful of ash he keeps in his pocket. His hatred of the Sidhe runs deep. This Demon has been worshiped as a god by many ancient peoples, and he relishes the attention and devotion of his followers and acolytes. He is tricky to negotiate with, often seeking to make a servant of the master. His schemes and plans are often grand in scale, and can span decades or centuries. A pact with this demon must be equally farsighted, and the value presented to him very great. (24)

Seal of Bael

Seal of Bael

Preface to the Demons of the Ars Goetia

The Demons of the Ars Goetia are Fomori, First Children of the Great Goddess… not unlike many devils and other diabolic beings from our world’s mythology. See Creation Myth. They are an embodiment of chaos, exiled to other worlds, bound in shadow, fire, and darkness. They seek toeholds into our world, harboring a desire to one day regain all they have lost. To this end, they are more than willing to answer a summoning and enter into pacts with the Third Children… mortal men. (The enemy of my enemy is my friend.)

They can give much, but they often require much. Only the foolish will attempt to summon them without something of value to give in return. Aleister Nacht stated it simply and beautifully: “Success comes from win-win situations and your ability to align yourself with the wants of others.” This legal concept of quid pro quo is “truth” when it comes to working with Lesser Powers, and will contribute to unimaginable success in your workings. Be prepared to till the fields and sow great quantities of seed if you wish to reap a great harvest though. If you are lazy, unimaginative, and are unwilling to put some hard work into your craft, more likely than not all you will end up with is a handful of weeds.

Various sources will prescribe certain observations or requirements for rituals specific to certain demons or classification of demons. I find very few of these hold value. I agree with observation of the age of the moon, primarily 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, or 14 days old being the best nights to summon. The requirements for the seals to be cast in metals have no inherent value. Beautifully crafted drawings are equally effective. The old seals themselves are very powerful. Colors used for inscriptions should be to the taste of the witch, don’t get hung up on this. Ensure you wear a pentagram around your neck. A simple necklace will suffice. Have a wet towel with you inside your circle, to be used to cover your face as protection against the sulfurous and flaming breath of the demon you summon. Have a brass vessel and lead plug available if you intend on containing a demon. I do not recommend attempting this… particularly with one of these 72 demons. Additional seals and incantations are required, which will not be explained at this time. You have been warned. Some profess a need to fast or practice abstinence for a period of time before attempting one of these rituals. Garbage… Go screw, lick, and eat to your heart’s content beforehand. Indulge… it will give you power and you will be less distracted. A final note in this regard is the old curses for demons that will not come forth and obey. Do not engage in them. If the subject of your summoning does not appear, try again another night. If your pact is not accepted, come back another time with a better offer. Honey catches many more flies…

A word of caution; Summoning or invoking these demons can put one at odds with the Sidhe, particularly the Seelie court. They are vigilant against the return of the Fomori… and their servants. Remember, these demons hold no love for mankind. Their gifts come at a price… and their desire is destruction of all we know. Use caution and think with a level head. The power you can potentially gain does not have words to describe adequately.


Familiarize yourself with Evoking and Summoning. Insure that the seal of the demon you are summoning is inscribed, along with your other arcane formulas, within all three open spaces in your thaumaturgic triangle. I will post a picture of each seal for your use.

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